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June 13, 2015
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June 16, 2015

Drapery Cleaning Services for Beautiful Draperies

Draperies are a beautiful, decorative addition your windows, and they come in all shapes, sizes and fabrics. Many can be quite expensive. That’s why selecting the right drapery cleaning service is vital to maintain your investment.

Consideration of Draperies

Your draperies’ lifespan and resiliency are affected by many factors. MAXIM assesses these factors such as, but not limited to:

  1. How they are made.
    • Are they pre-shrunk fabrics?
    • Their color fastness.
    • Are colors set?
    • Will colors bleed?
    • Are they resistant to sun fading?
  2. How they are constructed.
  3. The location of drapes in a room.
    • Are they exposed to sun?
    • Are they exposed to excessive moisture or humidity?
    • Are they exposed to excessive air flow from doors and windows?
    • Are they exposed to excessive dust?
    • Are they near heating and cooling vents?
  4. How well they have been cared for in the past.
  5. Are the drapes lined or pleated.

As a general rule, drapery cleaning should be performed yearly with quarterly vacuuming. Draperies should be protected from moisture (window condensation or rain) and rotated, if possible, to direct sun exposure. Dirt, dust, nicotine and other airborne matter can soak into fabrics, dull their appearance, and turn into contaminants that cause fabric deterioration. Professional drapery cleaning will ensure that your draperies stay in perfect condition.

The MAXIM Drapery Cleaning Program

  1. Assess type and quality
  2. Inspect condition
  3. Identify problems
  4. Discuss drapery cleaning and treatment options with client
  5. Provide written cost proposal
  6. Proceed with drapery cleaning and treatments once authorized
  7. Application of fabric protectants and soil retardants
  8. Call client within 72 hours to ensure their expectations were met

Alternative Drapery Cleaning Options

Some people prefer to have their window coverings removed and cleaned off-site. MAXIM does not offer this service at this time; we come to your home for our drapery cleaning services.

Let MAXIM Clean Your Draperies

Don’t let your draperies become stained or lifeless; for premium drapery cleaning that will restore the full beauty of the draperies in your Omaha area home, contact MAXIM today at (402) 807-5733.

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