November 19, 2015
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Critter Glitter

mouse in air duct

During the holidays, we decorate our homes with things that sparkle and shine, like glass ornaments, blinking lights and silvery tinsel. Once January arrives, it is time for us to put all of these things back into storage until the season rolls around again.  However, there is one kind of “glitter” that you definitely never want around. We are talking about “Critter Glitter” — those nasty little trails that vermin such as mice, cockroaches, rats, bats, squirrels or even raccoons leave when they have been an uninvited guest in your home or place of business.

They usually try to come inside when cold weather hits. If you see telltale signs of Critter Glitter around, you know what to do: you call a pest control company, then you vacuum, mop, and/or scrub every inch of the place! What if that did not take care of all of it? Have you been noticing an unpleasant smell every once in a while even though you have covered all your bases? Well, these creatures are not limited to residing inside your cabinets, cupboards, closets and walls. The smaller ones are not beyond creeping into your air ducts! We have even discovered a shrew inside a customer’s air vent recently. A shrew is a relative to the mole and looks similar to a mouse but with a long, pointed snout.

If an animal perishes inside your ductwork, you would definitely notice a horrible smell for a while, but if not, there could still be Critter Glitter left inside which, besides being odiferous, is highly unsanitary and carries potential health hazards. MAXIM’s team of professionals can eradicate all evidence of Critter Glitter, and an application of anti-microbial sanitizer can literally allow you to breathe easy! Call us today at (402) 697-9004, or visit MAXIM Cleaning & Restoration to schedule an air duct cleaning appointment or have your questions answered.

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