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Forgotten Spills, Spots & Stains

red wine carpet

Sometimes spots and stains that have been hidden by soil are revealed after cleaning. These stains, which did not immediately cause discoloration, are often from spilled liquid containing colorless sugar that remained on the fibers. After long exposure to the air, they changed to insoluble brown stains. The spots and stains may look like brownish discolorations but often they remain unnoticed because of the accumulated soil covering them. Some food and drink stains may inevitably turn even darker from the necessary drying action after a thorough cleaning.

Other Spots and Stains

  • Water soaking through and dissolving materials can cause browning
  • Wetted “Fugitive Dyes” can migrate from back of carpet, rug, or upholstery
  • Carpet fibers act as wicks causing moisture and contaminants to rise to the surface
  • Discoloration can occur when using wrong cleaning compounds and procedures than can make areas even more noticeable (See “Word of Caution” below)

Lessen Possibility of Spot and Stain Damage

  • Take immediate action
  • Thoroughly absorb all moisture and contaminant
  • When possible cover with thick, clean, preferably white or color-fast absorbent material
  • Weight it down   moisture and contaminant will wick up into absorbent material
  • Keep replacing with fresh absorbent material and repeat as needed
  • Call your IICRC* Certified Firm and IICRC* Certified professional cleaning expert to learn how to remove the spot safely before it becomes a permanent stain
  • Professional carpet cleaning and treatment may ultimately be needed


WORDS OF CAUTION: Some over the counter spot lifters, cleaners, disinfectants and solutions that are supposed to address “pet memories” (urine, feces, vomit, fur balls, etc.) may cause discoloration of carpet or textile furnishings. They may even change the cleanable “spot” into a permanent “stain”. Learn more helpful tips to keep your carpet looking like new by reading our cleaning and restoration blog.

Your confidence and trust in MAXIM is paramount. We are proud that MAXIM is one of only a few IICRC Certified Firms in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area. You also benefit because all MAXIM technicians are IICRC Certified professional cleaning experts.

IICRC stands for Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration and Certification. The IICRC is the internationally acclaimed standard and guideline setting organization for the carpet cleaning industry.

We invite you to visit their WEB site at www.iicrc.org.


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