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Home or Business Wet? Now What?

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The Institute of Inspections, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recommends the following actions to minimize damage while waiting for professionals like MAXIM to arrive:

  • Foremost, stop the water leak and attend to obvious safety hazards, like electrical shock and personal injury from slips and falls.
  • Contact a Certified Water Restoration Firm like MAXIM to preserve your property and furnishings from the destructive effect of water.
    • MAXIM’s trained technicians use very sensitive professional inspection instruments that can identify hidden water pockets, such as behind walls, under floors, in ceilings and more.
    • MAXIM uses only state-of-the-art technology and drying equipment to dry both your structure and furnishings to acceptable industry dry standards.
  • Increase airflow with open windows, fans and heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Increased airflow is important and will be needed. However, discuss your particular situation with MAXIM before using fans, furnace, air conditioner, etc. This could spread contamination to unaffected areas and/or affect health and safety of humans or animals.
  • Open doors, drawers, cupboards and closets to maintain optimal air circulation and promote drying.
  • Move furnishings out of wet areas or protect furniture legs from absorption and damage with triple folded aluminum foil. This will also decrease the chance of developing stains on your flooring.
  • Hang up draperies to prevent water absorption.
  • Pin up upholstery skirts to prevent water rings.
  • Allow leather items to dry at room temperature.
  • Wash wet clothes, sheets and linens immediately and hang cleanable fabrics up to dry. Do not store damp items in plastic bags where mold can grow.
  • Even though MAXIM will take extensive photos and generate detailed notes for their final report you may want to take photos and notes for yourself, if time allows, to refresh your memory later.
  • Once MAXIM arrives we will control your home or business’s environment to dry affected materials rapidly and to prevent or decrease secondary damage to other materials and items which can be much more expensive to repair or replace.
    • In most cases only a professional can stop or minimize water damaged structural materials, hardwood, carpeted or specialty flooring, and furnishings. It is best not to attempt to treat these items yourself as it may only contribute to the problem and cause further damage.


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