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Upholstery Restoration & Cleaning

Your furniture not only adds a beautiful look to your home, it is often your family’s “comfort zone.” Over time, however, this comfort zone begins to deteriorate from normal wear and tear. Children, pets, and abrasive dust particles can be especially harsh on upholstery fabrics. 

With so many different upholstery materials, from genuine leather to natural fibers and sturdy synthetics, a variety of cleaning methods and equipment are essential for offering the best professional cleaning and maintenance service available.


Certified Upholstery Cleaners

MAXIM’s highly trained technicians are certified to safely and thoroughly clean your upholstery in the comfort of your home.

Our equipment includes truck-mounted or portable cleaning systems. Certain fabrics may require “dry cleaning” or other unique cleaning processes.

Our technicians will recommend the appropriate professional restoration, cleaning, and maintenance methods for your upholstered furniture. Your total satisfaction is always at the center of our efforts. We will test a small area of your upholstery to be absolutely sure that you will be happy with the results and that no unexpected fabric challenges will occur.

We will endeavor to provide all services within our affordable price range. However, certain complex fabrics that require very special restoration cleaning treatment will be priced accordingly.


Our Upholstery Restoration & Cleaning Process

MAXIM’s amazing upholstery restoration & cleaning results are achieved through an 8 step process:

  • Pre-inspect the upholstery and fabric identification
  • Pre-vacuum to remove loose soils, dust or contaminants
  • Pre-treat spots and pre-condition fabric to increase effectiveness
  • Apply cleaning agents
  • Clean using the most appropriate methods and processes
  • Rinse with neutralizing agent
  • Sanitize and deodorize as warranted
  • Apply soil protectant if requested
Expert Leather Cleaning Services

Over time, your leather furniture and other features are subject to stains, scratches, discoloration and other damage that make it tempting to just replace your furniture. MAXIM provides expert leather cleaning and restoration services to renew, refurbish and extend the life of your leather furniture. Save money on new furniture and make your furniture last longer with the help of our leather cleaning and restoration. Trust our experts to get your antique piano bench, formal dining chairs and hand-me-down leather couch cleaner.