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June 20, 2015
Maxim Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration in Omaha

Water damage in your home can result from a variety of causes; burst pipes, clogged plumbing, backed up sewer or toilet, flooding from rain, accidents such as leaving a tub or faucet running, and many more. Regardless of the cause, once water leaks or floods into your home, it is critical to act immediately before the water damages your property.

Both the risk of mold and the risk of greater water damage to your personal and real property increase while the water continues to stand or flow. Time is of the essence for complete restoration, repair, and remediation. The faster you act, the less damage you will suffer. You have have hours, not days, to minimize the damage.

The first 24-48 hours are critical to minimize water damage while maximizing the effectiveness of cleaning and restoration services. The faster you contact MAXIM Cleaning and Restoration, the faster we can get to work, which will allow us to protect and restore a greater proportion of your property and belongings.

Certified Primary and Secondary Water Damage Repair and Restoration

MAXIM is a family-owned company with nearly 40 years of experience, specialized training, and certifications in remediating and repairing the effects of both primary and secondary water damage. Primary water damage is the immediate damage caused by the water event itself, such as the contamination from dirt and debris, short-circuiting of electrical appliances and systems, and structural damage caused by the physical force of the water itself.

Secondary water damage is typically caused by failure or inability to stop the water source or clean it up quickly. Secondary water damage can also occur when a water source goes undiscovered for a long period of time or if recovery procedures, such as dehumidification, are not done properly or completely. It includes mold, swelling and warping of wood and drywall, and rusting of metal surfaces.

Our first task is to find and stop the source of the water. Then we remove as much compromised material out of the water damaged space as possible. This reduces the incidence of mold growth and minimizes damage to adjacent items and surfaces. The third task is to remove the water as quickly and completely as possible using specialized extraction techniques and equipment.


Once the visible water is removed, proper results require specialized drying and dehumidifying techniques and equipment. Once all areas and materials are completely dry, we can then treat and sanitize the region to stop the growth of microbes and bacteria. That’s also when we can begin to address the repair and restoration process, restoring furniture, heirlooms, even photographs and electronics.

Whether it’s simply one small room with damage to the carpet, a completely saturated three-story house, or a flooded commercial office, MAXIM of Omaha can help with all types of water damage restoration. Regardless of whether insurance is involved, we’ll make sure you receive thoroughly documented reports and line-itemized billing statements to help you track accountability.

We are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, the primary organization developing standards for the water damage restoration industry. We also have training from the Association of Specialists in Cleaning & Restoration (ASCR).

Contact MAXIM for Water Damage Restoration in Omaha

After nearly 40 years in the cleaning and restoration industry, MAXIM’s Steve and Laura Ousley are proud to remain a locally owned and operated business. We want you to live and work safely and comfortably; we have the professional experience to help you achieve that. For water damage restoration services in the Omaha area, call MAXIM today at (402) 807-5733. For more information, read our water damage FAQ!

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