Leather Cleaning and Restoration

At MAXIM, we want to help you protect all your precious investments. Leather upholstery and furniture are beautiful and classic features for your home, and our professional leather cleaning and restoration team will help you make sure these features stay beautiful for many years to come. MAXIM leather cleaning services can refurbish all types of leather on furniture, upholstery, antiques, and more.

Expert Leather Cleaning Services

Over time, your leather furniture and other features may succumb to stains, scratches, discoloration and other damage. When this happens, don’t think you need to throw these pieces out and buy all new furniture. On the contrary, at MAXIM Cleaning & Restoration we provide expert leather cleaning and restoration services to make your pieces look like new again. Save money on new furniture and make your furniture last longer with the help of our leather cleaning and restoration.

Contact MAXIM today in the Omaha area at (402) 807-5733 for more information about our leather cleaning and restoration services.

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