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Iceman Cometh

We are not referring to the play by Eugene O’Neill (for more information, visit: The_Iceman_Cometh). Ice is nice … in a drink or to skate on … but NOT in your home or business. Here in Omaha and Council Bluffs, we are all too familiar with the types of havoc that ice and fluctuating temperatures can wreak outside, in our streets and our yards. Sadly, some of us know that frozen pipes can have a devastating effect inside our homes as well.  Frozen water expands, and when that ice is inside pipes, this can cause your pipes to crack. Then, once the ice melts, the water will seep out of the resulting openings. You can easily end up with a flood somewhere in your home.

In light of recent extreme weather, you may have realized that there is little time left to prepare your home for winter weather. The American Red Cross recommends that homeowners drain water from swimming pools and sprinkler supply lines before temperatures drop. Hoses used outdoors should be drained and stored. Adding insulation to attics, crawl spaces and basements will also help. Another good idea is turning on an indoor faucet to a trickle in extreme freezing weather, using hot water if possible. You can also open the kitchen and bathroom sink cabinet doors on cold nights to allow the warmer air to enter those areas.

The Weather Underground has additional recommendations to keep you safe during the winter months. Stock up on products to melt ice on walkways, sand for improved traction, snow shovels or other snow removal equipment, seasoned wood for your fireplace or wood-burning stove. Make sure you have adequate clothing and blankets. Have a Family Plan to follow in case of emergencies, including contacts, meeting places and steps to take. Minimize travel, but keep a disaster supply kit in your vehicle.

Should you have water damage due to this or any other reason, please call MAXIM Cleaning and Restoration at 402-697-9004. We are here to serve.

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