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August 4, 2015
November 19, 2015
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You Found What In My Air Ducts?

You are moving into your new home; so excited to decorate and put your unique stamp on it. Little do you suspect that the previous owners may have left you “gifts” inside the deepest, unseen nooks of your house – those metal corridors called air ducts that carry the air you breathe everyday, heated or cooled just to your liking. What kinds of “gifts,” you may ask? You imagine the ubiquitous dust bunnies, fur from a beloved dog or cat, maybe some stubbed out cigarette butts or debris from a bathroom renovation. Maybe even the remains of little Johnny’s hamster that escaped from its cage years ago? How many years has all this been hiding in there? You shudder to think.

But what we recently learned a contractor found would be enough to make you broaden your scope of possibilities. Here he comes striding towards you, the burly contractor with jangling tool belt who has been working on your home. He has one arm behind him and a big grin on his face. “Know what I found inside one of your air duct vents?” he says. Before you can guess, “air?” he pulls out his arm and shows you a very grimy, smelly … teddy bear. Your first thought is to feel sympathy for the poor child whose cherished toy was lost. But then your concern is for yourself. If a toy this big can fit in the air ducts, what else might be lurking inside those silvery caverns? Not only would this contribute to bad air quality, it could be blocking air from your HVAC system, leaving you with uneven temperatures and a furnace or air conditioning unit working harder than needed.

Never fear! No matter what it is, from crumbling drywall scraps to the tiniest feather, Maxim’s technicians and equipment can clean your air ducts thoroughly and make all of this a distant memory, preserving your plans to create a utopia in your truly fresh, clean new home!


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