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“Can you SHAMPOO my carpet?” No we cannot! Why? You shampoo your hair not your carpet. We clean carpet using the number one preferred method by carpet manufacturers and mills … truck-mounted steam cleaning. Our bio-safe cleaning and treatment agents promote GREEN strategies for a better tomorrow.

Remember when rugs were hung on the clothes line and beaten to remove dirt. Today’s fine and delicate area rugs are way too precious and expensive to treat this way. Special care must be taken to assess everything about them when determining the best way for treating and cleaning your valuable investment.

Your lovely upholstered and leather furnishings are what give warmth to your home or office. Because they are your frequently sought comfort zones they have their own special needs and challenges. We clean and treat them right so they can bring you the rest and relaxation you deserve.

We can renew your window coverings of draperies, sheers and valances and your beautiful ceramic tile and grout, stone and masonry. Knowledge is power and our certified technicians have both when it comes to caring for these investments that enhance your lovely home and are rarely replaced.

Heating, cooling and appliance contractors care for your furnaces, air conditions and clothes dryers. We clean your air ducts and dryer vents to rid them of dirt, debris, lint and other contaminants insuring continued efficiency, a healthy environment and fire prevention safety. This too is one more GREEN strategy for a better tomorrow.

Clogged plumbing, backed up highly contaminated sewer drains, broken toilets, overflowing sinks, leaking ice maker lines, malfunctioning dish washers, frozen and broken pipes, heavy torrential rains … the list goes on and on for all the causes of flooding and water damage in your home or office. From one small room with water in the carpet to a 3 story house completely saturated to a busy but flooded commercial office … MAXIM can get you real dry real fast restoring your personal or professional life and belongings back to comfortable, functional and normal. Whether insurance is involved or not you received thoroughly documented reports and line itemized billing statements so you never have to wonder if it was right.

Mold spores are everywhere in life. Mold helps life break itself down to reproduce a new and healthier environment. When mold over produces big problems can occur with your physical health and the health of your personal property and possessions. There is a right way and a wrong way to get rid of this potentially threatening menace. Be sure you have the right plan and the right professionals on your team. MAXIM welcomes your questions. We appreciate the opportunity to share our knowledge and many resources with you. We always follow industry standards and guidelines completely and never cut corners when it comes to your safety.